6th Grade Reading & Technology

September 28, 2015

This week in Computer Class...

This week, we will complete our unit on CyberSecurity. After completing this lesson, students will be able to:
  • Distinguish between viruses and malware.
  • Describe the impact that viruses have on personal privacy and ways to avoid infection.
  • Describe common threats used to spread malware and viruses.
  • Practice cyber-safety techniques to protect the computer system when using Internet
searches, e-mail and social network Web sites.
To get started, students should learn the following vocabulary related to the topic. Click here to study the new terms on Quizlet.

Welcome to the Web Packet

We have been working on an interactive web packet designed to ensure that students are comfortable using the Internet. By working through the activities, students learn about hyperlinks, how to add a web page to favorites, how to search for a particular word within a text, how to conduct research, and many more web skills. As they complete each section, they pick up secret codes, which, at the end, will help them solve the mystery of who is spreading viruses to the town's computers. Every student who completes the packet, and solves the mystery will be entered to win a $5 gift card to a local business! This assignment will be done in class, but if you want a copy to work on at home, here is the link to the hand-outs.

Bell Ringers

Open Word. Copy these questions, and look the answers up on the Internet. Write your answers in complete sentences.
  1. Define the term “malware.”
  2. Give an example of a strong password.
  3. Explain what can happen if you download spyware or a virus to your computer.
  4. Describe computer security threats associated with online activities.
  5. Consider how your personal Internet experience would be different without antivirus protection.
  6. Create a list of steps you can take to minimize security threats to your computer.

Mrs. Campbell's Top Web Picks for the Week...