Henry Ford

Kristen Kirkpatrick

About Henry Ford:

Henry Ford wanted to build an inexpensive car that would last a lifetime. While working as an engineer in Detroit, Michigan in the 1890's he had experimented with a gasoline powered automobile engine. in 1903 he opened up his own automaking company and started designing cars and in 1906, Ford had an idea that would change transportation forever. This idea would come to be known as the 'Model T'.

The Model T & The Assembly Line

"We're going to get a car now that we can make in great volume and get the prices way down" - Henry Ford

Ford & Charles Sorenson worked on the Model T for a year, building it and testing it on rough roads. Sorenson described the Model T as "... a car that anyone could afford to buy, which anyone could drive anywhere, and which almost anyone could keep in repair." These qualities made the Model T very popular and within the next 18 years, Ford' company sold 15 million Model T's and during this time Ford had also came up with a less expensive way to manufacture cars - The Assembly Line.

The Assembly Line revolutionized industry with mass production. On the Assembly Line, each worker performed an assigned task over and over again at a certain stage in the production of the automobile. By doing this, Ford was able to manufacture more automobiles for less expense.

Significance of Invention

The significance of Henry Ford's inventions have impacted history forever. When Henry Ford invented the Model T it helped us get from point 'A' to point 'B', and since then cars have changed and evolved into different things. We now have sports cars, trucks, Jeeps, and SUV's but none of that would have been possible if Henry Ford hadn't invented the Model T and The Assembly Line. Ford's invention of the assembly hasn't just impacted the process of manufacturing cars it's also made our lives easier by manufacturing many of the goods we use today.