Africa's Culture

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Remember culture shapes the way people behave.

North Africa

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Most of North Africa’s people are practicing Muslims. They follow Islam. Religion and the language of Arabic have united these people. North Africa has been a prominent location for trade throughout much of history. Therefore, they have been subjected to much cultural diffusion. North Africa today has been greatly influenced by western cultures.

West Africa

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  • West Africa has 17 countries and 100s of ethnic groups. Most of these ethnic groups speak a different language. Therefore, it is not uncommon for them to speak several languages. These Africans are united by a strong tie to kinship or a family relationship. The nuclear family is the parents and children. The extended family includes all relatives. A common ancestor makes you part of a lineage and several lineages can form a clan. This is strong in West Africa because they have to band together for survival. Storytelling is a major source of passing down traditions. They also pass down traditions through dance and artwork. Many of the slaves that came to America were from West Africa which has greatly influenced American culture. (jazz, blues, Brer Rabbit)

East Africa

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East Africa has a multitude of ethnic groups who have migrated to it from West Africa, Middle East, India, and China. East Africa teaches school in English but speak Swahili to preserve their African heritage. Mixture of religions from Islam to Christianity. Huge farming plantation and scarce land has lead to conflict between Rwanda and Burundi.

South Africa

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South Africa was arranged by skin color with whites being the highest rung and the only ones that could vote. This area of the country was moved by a strong sense of Nationalism and fought for equal citizenship. Growing sense of group unit based upon workers rather than family units.


1. Write the whole statement down (only for number 1), not just the answer. Fill in the blank "Remember ________________ shapes the way people ____________.

2. What is the main predominant (main) religion in North Africa.

3. How many countries does West Africa have and how does that effect the language they speak?

4. Where do the people in East Africa migrate from?

5. How was South Africa arranged?

6. Which video was your favorite? Why?

7. Write down 1 question you have for the people in the video about their countries culture.