Construction Manager

Justin Ebbole

Career Details

Responsibilities- Report work progress and budget updates to clients, Hire contractors, Instruct and supervise activities on site, and comply with building permits, safety codes and other legal requirements.

Work Schedule- It's a full time job and you can be on call 24 hours a day for ongoing projects. Delays and having to meet deadlines could also be longer hours.

Working Locations- Most construction managers have offices at the job site their working at. Also where they work is just about anywhere. There aren't many limits.

Salary- The average hourly wage is $40 an hour and the average yearly wage is $84,000. But the longer your in the business the more you make. The top ten percent had a yearly salary of over $150,000.

Education and Future

Construction Manager

Education- You would need an associates degree and at least 5 years as a worker in the construction field.

Skills Required- Have to be able to estimate how much a job will cost, how long it will take to complete, and how much material is needed.

Job Growth- It is expected to grow just as fast as the average for most occupations. People with construction experience will have the best job prospects.

Advancement Opportunities- Basically the longer your in the job and the better you get at it that's the factor that will determine your pay.