Africa and Atlantic World

Social Effects of Slave Trade

Slavery effected the social treatment of human kind as a whole due to the sinister ways slaves were treated. Humans became accustomed to treating humans as property and it can be seen that the establishment negatively impacted how people held themselves in society. Although slaves were already slaves in Africa so it was not a new social thing (it was even present in the bible).

Political Effects of Trade

Slaves were a very important factor in the government and economy of every country that had slaves. For example in Rome, where slaves were 30% of the population, slaves were hugely important. Slaves actually played important roles in the government like consultants and supporters of important leaders. They also played a large role in the economy, the slave trade stimulated cash flow and caused an increase of exported goods and total amount of crops.

Plantation Sytems in the New World

Plantations had many slaves which sometimes were greater than 100 on one plantation. The slaves were treated as property and very harsh. The main cash crops were sugar and indigo in the new world

Forms of Resistance from Slave

Slaves resisted by running away, singing songs, and revolting to their masters. Some revolts lead to killing of their masters and runaway railroad to the north.