The Beauties of GMOs

Weston Bliobenes

What Is It?

A genetically modified organism, or GMO, is a plant or animal that receives genetic altering in order to increase the quality of the goods that are produced.

More Productive Way to Grow Food That costs less!

Genetically modifying a plant can prevent a plant from being eaten by bugs ir other animals. This allows farmers not to have to re-plant eaten plants in order to make up what was lost. The overall time needed to produce the crops is lessened by the added protection from harsh weather. This saves farmers time and money.

Healthier Lifestyle

Through genetic engineering, the nutrients of a food can be dramatically increased. Filling a fruit or vegetable with more essential vitamins, such as more vitamin C in an orange, can lead to a more enriched diet for consumers. The calorie amounts in foods can also be reduced by genetic engineering. With a low-calorie diet, a consumer can live a thinner, healthier, happier life.

Help End Hunger

Genetically modifying plants and animals can increase the overall output of food produced. Larger animals such as cows and chickens can produce more meat than an average cow or chicken without hormones. A plant that is treated with pesticides can bear larger fruit at a greater quantity. This can end starvation throughout the world by providing enough food for everyone on earth.