Totaly Jack Miller

Life is a box of cocolate you dont kow your what gona to get

Who i am.

My top 2 intrest are Biological reasherch and development and science and math. My skills are the same as my intrest. My top 3 vaules are knowledg, nature, and order. I have high self esteem and im a vizual learner. I love studying and doing work so i am a hands on learner.

I think all these thing are important on deciding a careere because, it tells you who you are and what your good at.

Where Im Going

My career as a...

zoologist and wildlife biologist.

Im going to be a zoologist andvwildlife biologist. The job description is someone who studies the animals and plants living in a ecosystem and learns new things about them and how they effect the envioment. The gob pays $58,000 per year and the job outlook is a 7% growth. It is in S.T.E.M cluster and the work scedual is full time and the work enviorment is in a labortory, office, or outdoors and can be physicaly demanding. Somthing intresting is that that the goverment pays for your travleing.

Oklahoma State University-Main Campus

I might want to go to Oklahoma State University-Main Campus its located in stillwater oklahoma. I would like to go there because its resonably close to home and offers all the education i need. I will need to get a master whitch is 8 years. The avrege per year is 16,000.