India Interest

By:Kynzlee Stafford

India Geo

India is a peninsula, because it's surrounded by 3 bodies of water such as the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal.India is also surrounded by 4 bourder countries such as China, Afganistian, Pakistan, Myarma!

Unique Ani's

There are a lot of cool animals and there are so many cool animals in India.So tis article is about unique animals such as Elephant's, Peafowl's, Rino.

Subcontinents Of Ancient Sites

Here you'll learn more about Harappa and Mohenjo!!

India Today

India today is a great place for people to visit or live!!

Things todo in India!!

The things I would love todo in India is play sports!!

Travel Tips

*Covering arms and legs is a simple step toward respecting this.

*Many government offices and shops close in the afternoon for lunch.

*Pay attention to surroundings

*Is to have earphones with you to shut out some of the sound

*Stay on the bottled water and avoid salads or ice

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Thanks for Watching

Thanks for watching I hope you learned some things about amazing India!!
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