Principal Update

February 13th, 2018

Be Kind ... Just Because

As a staff we are working to instill kindness into each child that crosses our path. gets hard. Children are not always kind. Parents are not always kind. And we are not always kind. Until we realize that "Every kid is one caring adult away front being a success story." Even when you don't have any left to give, choose kindness...just because.
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Important Dates

Tuesday February 13

@4 PM: Cultural Competency Meeting

Thursday February 15

@ 8 AM Sharp: Where I'm From Poem Gallery Walk & Share Staff Meeting

@ 5:30-8:30: BSE Math and Science Night

Monday February 19


Tuesday February 20

Makeup Snowday - teachers and adults school in session

Friday February 23

@ 7:50 AM: Bear Breakfast

@6:30-9:30 PM HSE Foundation Game Day Event (get tickets here).

Monday February 26-March 9

Schedule coming soon: ISTEP Part I Testing Window

(may adjust specials schedule)

Cultivating Curiosity - Why is curiosity such a powerful tool in learning?

Ostroff, (2016) reminds us that being curious is an essential part of human consciousness, a joyful feature of a life well lived. Recent research evidence also shows that fostering curiosity holds a power that goes beyond merely feeling good. In fact, curiosity may be critical to student success in school. Here are the key elements that curiosity compels in learning.

  • Curiosity jump-starts and sustains intrinsic motivation, allowing deep earning to happen with ease.
  • Curiosity releases dopamine, which not only brings pleasure, but also improves observation memory.
  • Curious people exhibit enhanced cognitive skills.

"When we as teachers recognize that we are partners with our students in life's long and complex journey, when we begin to treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve for simply being, then we are on the road to becoming worthy teachers. It is just that simple-and that difficult."

by William Ayers

Ostroff, W. (2016). Cultivating Curiosity in K-12 Classrooms: How to Promote and Sustain Deep Learning. Alexandria VA, ASCD.

HSE Teachers visit Center Grove Innovation Center

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Is BSE a Trauma Informed School?

No...but in some classrooms Fatima was able to show HSE administrators how BSE is well on our way. What do you know about TIS? Fatima has been involved in some recent trainings around Trauma Informed Schools and would love to discuss her new and improved methods & philosophy with discipline and relationships with children. Be on the look out for an optional Book Study titled Help For Billy by Heather Forbes this spring to join the movement. Email Fatima if you are interested to reserve your copy now.

This FlipGrid includes 5 staff members that share how shifts in each of their spaces have positively impacted relationships with ALL kids. Do you feel like you have a child that has driven you to new practices that benefit all kids? Password: BSE

Project Documentation - 2018 Refresh

As you know we are constantly keeping the HSE21 model in mind as we plan, instruct, and assess our students. We believe and commit to our curriculum tools, Units and EDM, while always looking for innovative, experiential, and engaging learning opportunities. Our environment provides all that enter it a picture into the lives of our children at BSE. It also projects a sense of our beliefs around children.

February has come and will pass quickly. My quest is to ensure that every hall and wall has one project documentation posted and in a manner that is student centered and crisp to the eye. Some of you have them up and have had them for a long duration. Don't take those down, they are beautiful and share a wonderful message. If you don't have a project posted yet, please capture the next one you have and get it up for all to see. Leave it the rest of the year! Not sure if you should or should not....ask me and i'll be happy to offer my professional feedback.

Thank you all for marketing the amazing work you engage with our children at BSE! A special thanks to Maggie Flynn who has been whipping up so many amazing pieces of interactive art throughout the building. Thanks to each of you who have developed a permanent project frame and all of you who will soon create one. Our environment tells our story and it is a wonderful one!

TV's with power....they are better!

Believe it or not, our tv's in the collab, first, and second hallways have been powered. Kyle is currently installing apple TV to each one and soon we will be ready for students to collaborate, share, or present on. These will also stream pictures etc. of our students, their project work, and art when not being used. Mrs. Kussy will share how you can share your pictures with the school via these devices. Can't wait to see all of our kids collaborating around the screens soon!

Thank you Kyle for getting our apple TV's up and ready.

If you wish to Airplay to them these are the names you choose when selecting the Apple TV.

TV in the Collaboratory is named: BSE_Collaboratory

TV by Mrs. Swanson’s Room is named: BSE_Vizio1

TV by Mrs. Siwik’s Room is named: BSE_Vizio2

Retention 2017-2018 Process

February marks the official HSE retention initiation. There are intensive requirements for retention in HSE. At this point, following the RTI meetings with Mrs. Rich/Thorne/Hasten, BSE has ZERO students being considered for retention. If you feel like this is an error and we overlooked any student please advise me immediately via email.


Response to Instruction Updates

  • In September 2017, 129 were brought up by individual teachers with concerns with behavior, reading, and/or math.
  • 87 (13%) of those children were entered into the RTI system receiving support.
  • 19 children were recently exited from RTI due to multiple data points showing significant growth.
  • Current number of students receiving RTI support K-4: 68 (9%)

Next round of RTI one on ones will take place mid March. Be on the look out for sign ups early March.

Look Who's Talking!

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to work with such amazing students here at BSE. They have such an unbelievable set of experiences and viewpoints to share.

How are kids talking in your class? Research shows that speaking is an integral part of the learning process for Multilingual Learners. They learn from talking to you and talking with their peers, but studies show that the average ELL speaks under 5 minutes a day in class. I’m passionate about student talk because of the benefits for Multilingual Learners, but it applies to others, too.

Turn and talk is a great way to start getting kids talking, but how can we get the most out of these experiences? Check out this short article for an opportunity for self-analysis and enhancement ideas.

Are you ready to take student talk a step further? Increasing the oracy in your classroom can benefit kids in a multitude of ways and this article gives practical advice to encourage meaningful discussions in your classroom.

Finally, these discourse moves are a practical way to increase the depth of the discussions in math and science.

I have more resources I can share to scaffold these experiences for your students. Let me know if I can help.

~Allison Haltom

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