Decimals operations

Math is fun !!!

Adding decimals:

1) First you need to align your decimal .

2) Second you need to add.

3) At last , get the answer.

Subrtracting decimals:

1)First, you need to align your decimals.

2) Second , you subtract

3) At last , you get your answer

Multiply decimals:

1)First , multiply.

2) Second, when you are done , count the spaces to the right decimal point , and then add it all togather.

3) At last, put the same decimals points , so that your anwer will be correct.

Dividing decimals:

1) First ,you divide .

2) Second ,you move your decimals tonthe right until you get your answer.

3) At last, you get your answer , but verify fonyour answer is correct by multiplying the quotient by the divisor.