Great Books Trivia Night

with Shimer - the Great Books College of Chicago

Who killed Hektor?

What rights are covered by the first Amendment?

How many kind of triangles are there according to Euclid?

Think you're a literate lecturer? Lover of words, stories, ideas? Read too much, or just plain curious? Join us for a night of Great Books Trivia, and see how much you've picked up on your reading rambles. Prizes include books (no surprise there) and other swank swag, as well as the thrill of the quiz and knowing that you had the answer to how Oedipus was related to Antigone.

Shimer is a discussion-based college from Chicago with an exciting curriculum built around some of the greatest books of all time.

Great Books Trivia Night

Sunday, Oct. 20th, 7pm

6197 Delmar Boulevard

St. Louis, MO

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