Roman Mythology


Roman mythology told stories about Rome's past and no matter how unbelievable the stories were Romans considered them true. Many Roman myths focused on politics and rarely had gods appear in them unlike the Greek myths Roman mythology was based on. Even though Roman mythology wasn't as narrative as Greek mythology stories from Roman mythology were just as popular as Greek ones. Roman mythology myths were less supernatural than Greek mythology and was often overshadowed by it, but Roman myths inspired European paintings during the Renaissance to the 18th century.

The most familiar Roman myth was the story of Romulus and Remus. It tells of two brothers who overthrow King Amulius and give the true king his rightful throne. The most recognizable part of this myth, however, is the she-wolf Lupa suckling Romulus and Remus. Other Roman myths included the Roman versions of Greek gods. These deities did special activities related to everyday life like the growing of grain and rain falling on gardens. These Roman myths told the supposed story of Romes past and religion and are still known today.


Roman mythology, along with Greek mythology, impacted western language. Roman mythology helped form the English language. Lots of words and phrases from the English language are based on Roman myths. For example, the phrase, a heculean task, refers to the Roman myth of Hercules. Roman mythology also influenced literature. Writers, including Shakespeare, were inspired by Roman myths.


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Fun Facts

-Roman mythology was not only inspired by Greek mythology, but Etruscan religion as well.

-The early history of Rome is a mix between real history and early Roman mythology.

-Some characters in Roman mythology like Romulus and Remus are thought of as legendary with no evidence for their existence.

-The founding of Rome is a myth and the true story is not known.

-Roman mythology has gods that are based off the Greek gods with only their name and story being different.