Welcome to Taiwan

What they do all day in Taiwan

what they wear in Taiwan

At parties in Taiwan they usually wear red.They also wear head bands with jewels and flowers. They wear traditional suits on Chinese new year plus make cloths for children .They also wear golden symbols on there cloths

Taiwan food

Food they eat

On a regular daily bases people in Taiwan eat a fried avocado sandwich,rice based food,and more.They also cook special food on holidays like the chines new year.They also eat noodles on the chines new year for breakfast.

animals and plants

.be pou power plant .white seals .red pandas.and any other animal
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fun facts

In Taiwan they have a few landmarks Butterfly kingdom,National Place Museum,Community Kitchen.Plus a cloths making clubs.And a Disney world,fire works and more. Red Pandas also can be found in China. Red Pandas are right above this paragraph.