Australia's colonial life

Past & present


The people who committed crimes who are known as convicts were sent to Australia to work.The convicts had strict rules that they had to obey everyday. Convicts punishments were very brutal,for their punishments they were locked in dark rooms,they get 50 lashes.

Now its rare to send people to other country's for crimes and we don't punish them that harsh.

House, tech and materials

they use.

They eat vegetables,a bit of wheat sometimes even tea with sugar. They often eat kangaroos.

Their furniture is man made.They use a furnace or an open fire.They wash from the river and they drink from the well.They use there heating from the fire, cooling from the river, and they have lighting from a fire torch.

Now we can easily use an air con or a heater and a light bulb and buy food from the shops

Settling in australia

Settling in Australia was very hard because people kept on buying land but doing nothing with it. They had to make their own houses. To get to Australia they had to go by ship but they could only fit 7500 people. The ship was full of disease. When they made it to Australia there was lost of space, fresh air and a small only a small population. The ride from England to Australia was long and tedious.

Now its not that hard to travel from place to place and if someone is sick they call the air doctors, it's still hard to migrate to a different country though.


They had very bad hygiene which resulted to many health issues, they often had out breaks of infectious diseases. They decided to stop using open creek.

Now we care a lot about hygiene.We make sure we get our vaccinations on time and if we feel sick we go to the doctors,


By 1869, there were about 6 colonies in Australia they were sent to these places, New South Wales (where we are), Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland. All the people who settled here were British people.In 1788 there was over 300,000 Aboriginals in the Main land of Australia, but by 1888 there was about 80,000 the amount of Aboriginals were slowly fading.

In Australia we are trying to now increase the number of Aboriginals and their now protected, we are supplying them with food, clean water and more.

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In the 1880s they had to Get around the outback by horses.

Now thanks to science and engineering we made many types of transports to get around such as, trains, cars, buses, trams, taxi and rarely horses.


In the 1880s their clothing was based on their job so if you were are farmer or a waitress you will wear simple clothes. If you were heading out to a public place you will have to wear formal.

Now, if we are going shopping we would wear causal, if you wear formal to a shop people will think you are weird. The only time we wear formal is if we are doing something special such as a party, a wedding, if you're going fine dining and more.