By Cole Ahrens

Egg Drop Contraption

Are problem was to make a contraption that could make an egg from not breaking at the height of 45 feet. We new that we wanted to have a parachute and that wanted cushion on the inside and the outside if the cup so when the egg hits the ground it won`t break. We used Dixie cups packaging peanuts cotton balls and a Styrofoam cup so when the egg hits the ground it wont explode all over. We decided to do this because we think that the cushion would make the egg not crack because it made all the impact go to the cotton balls and packaging peanuts. We new are design worked when if the egg didn't brake, if it did brake then that meant our contraption didn't worked.


We originally were just going to use a plastic bag for the parachute but halfway through we changed it to cardboard and paper parachute, because it has more resistance than a plastic bag, we found that the plastic bag didn't have that much resistance by dropping are contraption from a very high hallway. We also changed the cushion inside the cup we were first just going to use cotton balls but we decided to also use packaging peanuts inside the cup, because we thought the more cushion the better. Lastly, we were just going to have one Dixie cup holding the egg but we decided to put one Dixie cup on the top one Dixie cup on the bottom of the egg, because if we only have one cup the egg would fall out and spat everywhere.

The Fire Truck

Are final test was a drop from 45 feet high of the top of a fire truck latter. Are contraption survived, it landed really hard but we had enough cushion that the egg didn't crack!

If I could Do It Again.

If I could change anything after the 45 foot drop I would put two straws on the bottom so the contraption would spin and slow it down on the way. I would also put two toothpicks on the bottom of the cup so the toothpicks would hit the ground before the egg hit the ground, then the tooth picks would break the fall.