President Andrew Jackson

I am against president Jackson so therefore he is a "zero"

Join me with being against President Andrew Jackson

1: President Jackson forced the cherokees to get off their land even though the supreme court declared they could stay on the land in the case of Worcester v. Georgia,because of this decision of Andrew Jackson 4,000 Cherokee's died.

president andrew jackson slavery

2: President Jackson promoted the growth of slavery by kicking American Indians off the land so that the whites American's could grow cotton on their plantations.

Interesting fact against Andrew Jackson: While all of this nonsense was going on, he was a slave holder himself. He owned nearly 140 slaves. He couldn't really keep track of all of them so he declared, "If you are to see any runaway slaves you can deliver 300 lashes to him" (300 lashes could kill a man); he did this to scare the slaves so they wont run away

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president andrew jackson vetoes

3: As the seventh president he vetoed 12 bill's which was 3 more than all the presidents before him. This shows he cares about himself and nothing else.

Jackson political cartoon

In this political these are the Indians being kicked out of there land and trying to search for more new land. this Indian is sitting on the ground imagining what is going on back there
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President Andrew Jackson: A Short Biography