Mission Cellars Winery

Newsletter for June 2021


We entered 4 of our wines in the 2021Toast of the Coast Wine Competition held at the Del Mar Fair grounds. We delivered the four wines to the competition office on May 11th and the judging was done on May 22 and 23. This is the FIRST competition that Mission Cellars has entered since our inception in July of 2017. They put Trent's work to the test and we came out on top.

We were notified of the results on May 27th and here's how we did.


Viognier (South Coast) - DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL

Independence Madeira - DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL


Can you say WOW??? What a showing!! The director of the competition said we made quite a splash considering we're an unknown winery in Poway and we earned 3 DOUBLE GOLDS and a Silver!

Congratulations Trent! Nice work!

Be sure to Congratulate him the next time you come by.

His parents (John and Charlene) were pretty proud of him too.

He really knows what he's doing with the grapes.

Big picture

Shirts and Hats

We now have Mission Cellars Shirts and Hats for sale at the winery. We have variety of sizes for ladies and men and we have a few different colors too.

Inquiry at the winery during your next visit.

Did you know??

Mission Cellars has Gift cards available for sale at the winery? Yes we do! If you'd like to give someone a nice wine gift, we can sell you a Gift Card for any amount you'd like to give. Just ask the next time you're at the winery.

Winery Dogs

Here are a few of the nice critters who visit the winery. Did you know that we have doggie treats at the winery? Why, yes we do! We also have a doggie water bowl out front, since they can't have wine. State government hasn't approved that yet..........

Picking up.....

Thanks to all of you who have visited the winery recently. Things are picking up and we appreciate your patronage. We're just glad to see everyone. It's like a nice big family of friends. We're planning some new things for the winery after the state opens everything on June 15th.

This is going to be fun!

Stay tuned via Facebook and Instagram.

We're still looking for someone to work at the winery on Sunday afternoons. Check in if you're interested.