Digital Citizenship

How-to of the Internet

The internet can be the greatest resource or a great danger, it all depends on how you use it. This is to help you on your way to being a great digital citizen!

Facebook Safety

Here's a link to a great post about how to make sure the information you post on Facebook is being seen by who you want to see it!

More Social Media Sites

There are way more sites available than just Facebook to stay in touch with friends, but all of them have the same concerns. They share your information, so be careful what you allow people to see and who you become 'friends' with. Here are just a few examples.
Twitter, Pinterest, and myspace
Digital Citizenship and Safety (UNICEF)
The previous video is an example of how posting something online can spread so quickly and be a great addition to society! The next video though is the opposite; it demonstrates how unsafe it is to share information with someone you don't know on the internet.
Everyone Knows Your Name - Online Safety Commercial


Even though all this information is available to you in seconds, but don't forget that it's wrong to take information or ideas word for word. Click here for more information on what plagiarism is!