Sri Lanka Vacation

By: Nash And Cordelia

A Little About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is mainly covered by Rainforest and receives up to 75 Inches per year in some places. It has a warm and humid climate with temperatures from 60 to 90 degrees. The island is very tropical and contains the highest biodiversity in Asia. The vegetation is very green and bright.

Traveling To Sri Lanka

To take a flight from Dallas, Texas to Colombo, Sri Lanka will cost about $1100 per one, round trip flight. Once there, you will need to rent a rental car, costing about $42,500 for long term. Now for the Hotel.

Staying In Sri Lanka

You can stay at the Reef's Edge Hotel for about $117 per night. The hotel is literally 20 meters away from the ocean, and has its own Spa, Pool, Ocean Deck, and Pool. There is a restaurant, called The Snapper, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Things To Do In Sri Lanka

There are a good amount of things to do and places to visit in Sri Lanka. One can visit Yala National Park, hike up Adam's Peak, visit Dambulla Cave Temple, or visit Sigiriya, an ancient temple near the town of Dambulla.