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Vancouver, Canada

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Getting There

Even though Vancouver might be magnificent, getting there is quite expensive. But the magnificent part of Vancouver is truly beautiful. Vancouver is 114sq. km of pure awesomeness. Large waterways including the Frazier River, make it ideal for amazing cruises and spectacular fishing. Not to mention the world class hiking and skiing.

Flight Details

The flight is roughly 3 hours non-stop flying into Vancouver International, a 15 minute drive from the hotel.

For 1 person it's around $850 roundtrip according to Air Canada around March of 2014.

We will each eat around $20 of food on the airplane roundtrip.

Where to Stay

The Pan Pacific Hotel, where I'm staying, is one of the most scenic hotels you can find. With the great views, two pools, one saltwater, a short drive from the airport, a spa and a fitness center, this place is a vactioner's dream! The hotel is a 4.5 star hotel that can not only give me great service, but also an unreal price! At only $195 a night it keeps my pockets full. It is also in the heart of Vancouver, so it is very close to everything your want to do.!b.ZzZz.3290000654839.0.3038391266.pan%20pacific%20descriptiopn%20vancouver.%20pan_%20pacific_%20vancouver&k_user_id=5d96a85e-65bf-9c28-ebf9-00006ff21c7f


In the amazing city of Vancouver you can do anything from whale watching to hiking. This place is packed with great things to do, for not just me, but everybody.

First you can go to a world famous Vancouver Canucks hockey game. The stadium has great food, and an amazing enviorment. But don't forget to bring your jacket so you can stay warm in the heat of competition.

Hiking, fishing and cruises are also all available because of the huge waterway, the Frazier River, Vancouver backs up to. These waterways carry some gold water salmon fishing for all you avid outdoors men/women. Not to mention the exquisite views this waterway can provide you with.

Also nearby, you can go to the world class skiing hill at Whistler mountain which is for sure worth the quick hour and a half drive. The hill is a family friendly hill which has everything from beginner runs to expert terrain.

Whale watching is also a very popular thing in Vancouver. You can watch the gentle giants roam around in the ocean.

As you can see, Vancouver is absolutely packed with great activities.


Some problems possible when traveling to Vancouver are, in recent years, people have been warned by the government to be careful and watched out for terriost attacks. Specifically, in 2010, 2 people were arrested for attempted bombing. Large bombings have been reported in the area. A solution to this is to try and stay out of large crowds because bombers and terriosts usually target very massive crowds to kill mass amounts of people.

Another problem you may encounter is the frigid cold Vancouver seasonally goes through during this time of the year. Snow storms hit this area very often and are ice cold to be in. Every thing from warnings on TV to school closings. A solution to this natural issue is to always be prepared with coats, gloves, hats, and boots wherever you go. This, if you do get caught in a storm, could prevent severe injury of even death with just a simple thing like this one.

History and Culture

The Coast Salish people were the first group of people to call Vancouver home. They keep the city very natural and clean because of their values to nature and everything in it. There is only one reason European settlers came to the land and that is gold. The gold rush hit the Frazier River around 1858 bringing many people to Vancouver from all around the world with hopes of striking it rich. Around 1867, the vast, open land starting to become a large city as pioneer "Gassy Jack" Deighton established the first bar, a sure sign of a growing city.

The land was named after George Vancouver, who was a navigator on Captain James Cook's ship. The ship took off for the ocean in 1779 and was the first European expedition to discover present day Vancouver.

The culture in Vancouver is one of the most diverse in the world. Sources say about 52% of people living there have a first language other then English.

Every culture from Chinese to Indian to Italian is displayed in this region of Canada. Because of this great difference in many people, Vancouver has towns like no other with different foods, clothes, and people.

Theater, dance, and film are all a custom to most Canadians. Music is also a very big thing in their culture. The Granville entertainment district attracted thousands to nightclubs and he street at night. The festival plays music with live bands.

As the culture of Vancouver keeps on getting more diverse, so will the city.


I decided to visit the scenic place of Vancouver because I wanted to go somewhere outside of the US that has great skiing resorts. Overall, Vancouver was rated in the top 20 in the world for skiing and snowboarding resorts. The mountains challenge my skills while still providing a nice relaxing location for vacation. I chose the Pan Pacific hotel because it was highly rated and didn't squeeze my wallet too much. This is why I chose to go to Vancouver, Canada to visit.

About the Traveler

I have traveled to many places in the US and love traveling and this trip sounds like an absolute blast. Born in Colorado, I have never left the US and spend most of my time in Colorado. I love to go To Montana to get out of the city and enjoy a country way of living. I have recently visited Scottsdale, Arizona and Glendive, Montana. I love to travel and can't wait to pursuit this trip.