Mrs. Collier's Kids ~ Feb. 16-26

Room 14

Staff: Mrs. Collier, Ms. Elisabeth Z, and Ms. Elizabeth A

Mrs. Collier’s voicemail: 851-6132

Hackmann Office: 851-6200

Themes: Feb 16-19: All About Me: 5 Senses & Nutrition; Feb. 22-26: Dental Health

We have been taking assessments on each child. We are amazed to see the growth they have shown since the beginning of the year! Many of you have already signed up via sign-up genius after I sent out the text via REMIND. For those of you that do not get my texts, I have listed the website below where you can sign up for conferences. If you would like to receive texts, please let me know and we will get you set up.

We will have parent teacher conferences on March 14th and 16th. Please try and be as prompt as possible, as we only have 15 minutes to share. We hope to have 100% participation! Please follow the link listed below to sign up online. If you need assistance, please let me know.

*To sign up for conferences via Sign-Up Genius:

If your child is absent from school please call the office (851-6200), text Mrs. Collier or send an email. If your child rides a bus, please contact the bus garage as well. Thank you!

Some of the activities we will be doing over the next two weeks...

* Counting using cheerios with the Cheerios: Animal Play book (Math)

*Create a plate with food and talk about healthy and non-healthy choices (Language)

*Using our senses to participate in a taste test, a auditory test, and a smell test (Science)

*Using Mat Man to talk about the different parts of our body (Handwriting without Tears)

*Practicing the letters “Aa” and “Vv” (Handwriting without Tears)

*Reviewing Indoor Recess Lessons (Positive Behavior Supports - PBS)

*Next week our Educational Support Counselor will be presenting “Self Control with Tucker Turtle” lessons (Positive Behavior Supports)

*Our nursery rhymes for the week are, “This Little Piggy” and “Jack and Jill” (Communication Arts)

*”Floss” yellow teeth – use string to get model magic out of “teeth” (lego) (Health/Science/Fine Motor)

*Using shaving cream, toothbrush, and bottom of soda bottle we will pretend to brush teeth (Sensory & Social Studies)

*Using marshmallows as teeth, roll a dice and put the amount rolled, on the picture of a mouth (Math)

*Create a smile book (Journal)

*Paint yellow teeth white with toothbrushes (Art)

Duckling Dates

Feb 19 – Duckling Dance at Hackmann 6:00-8:00

Feb 23 & 24 – PJ Day for Diabetes & Self-Control lessons from Ms. Beth, Educational Support Counselor

Feb 29 – Scholastic Book Orders Due

March 4 – NO SCHOOL: Records Day for Teachers

March 7-11: Duckling Days

March 10-18: Book Fair

March 14 & 16 – Parent Teacher Conferences – See sign-up information above

March 21-25: SPRING BREAK

Join us for the first ever - Duckling Dance!

Who: Children ages 2-6, who live in the Hackmann area are welcomed to attend with their parents

What: $10 per family which will include pizza, soda, cookie, tattoos, and a glow stick for each child. Music is provided by DJ Derick Pratt

When: Friday, February 19th 6:00-8:00

Where: Hackmann EC

Also, try your luck at winning a raffle basket! Raffle Basket notes are going home this week. Registration forms were sent home in back-packs and are available at the front office.

Ideas for Home

Next week, I will be sending home a toothbrush chart for you to do with your child. Each morning and night, color in the sun or moon after your child brushes their teeth. Talk with them about the importance of healthy brushing!

If you have empty soda bottles at home, cut off the bottom of the bottle. Turn it upside down and it looks like a tooth. Give your child an old toothbrush and shaving cream for a sensory activity for your child to do in the bathtub.

Look who is turning "5" in February...

Oliver – Feb 10th

Avi – Feb 22nd

Rhiannon – Feb 25th

Books We Will Be Sharing...

“Cheerios Animal Play Book” by: Lee Wade

“M&M Counting Book” by: Barbara McGrath

“Andrew’s Loose Tooth” by: Robert Munsch

“Hooray for Teeth” by: Gina Shaw

“I Can Brush My Teeth” by: Karen Sherman


We want to thank our parent volunteers who helped plan or participate in our Valentine Day parties. Your time, effort, and creativeness was very much appreciated by all!! The children had a great time! Thanks again!