By Yvonna Ramirez

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In the feudal pyramid, the higher up you were on it the more you were allowed to do, say, and afford. If you were a serf (peasant) you couldn't afford much and had 2 most of the time work for your food and shelter. Also if you were higher up on the feudal pyramid, you would have more detail in your wardrobe such as color. If you were a king/queen you would usually were the royal color of purple.

Soldiers VS Knights

There were two types of fighters during the Middle Ages. They each used different weapons according to their rank and status. They were the Knights and the soldiers. The weapons, weaponry, armor and horse of the Knight were expensive and therefore out of the price range of standard soldiers. The weapons used by soldiers were often adapted from farming tools. The Medieval Weapons used by the soldiers included the Crossbow, Pike, Polearm, Caltrop, Flail, Halberd, Longbow, Battle Axe, Mace, Billhook, and the Bow and Arrow. The Knights used different weapons as most of their fighting was done while riding on their horses.

Role Of The Roman Catholic Church

During the high Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church became organized into an elaborate hierarchy with the pope as the head in western Europe. Literacy was no longer merely requirement among the clergy. New readings were addressed to a newly literate public that had both the time and the knowledge to enjoy the work.The Church was a major part of everyday life. The Church served to give people spiritual guidance and it served as their government as well.