Dietary Guidelines

By Jada Turner

Dietary Guidelines

Dietary Guidelines provide advice to help people live longer, healthier lives. These science- based guidelines about healthful eating and physical activity.

Question 5

Theses foods are nutrient rich, cholesterol free, and naturally low in fats and calories.

Also, they protect against heart disease and cancer. Eat fruit instead of desserts, make whole-grain products the star of your meals, and drink yogurt smoothies for snacks.

Question 6

Fats that raises cholesterol are saturated and trans fat. You can develop heart disease from a high fat-diet. Keep saturated fats less than 10 percent in your calories.

Question 7

Fruit and milk have natural sugar. Candy and soft drinks have added sugars. You can get tooth decay.

Question 8

Sodium helps body fluids. High blood pressure, heart attack and strokes are linked to too much sodium. Potassium helps counteracts sodium's effects on high blood pressure.

Question 9

Drinking can affect your judgement, increases the chances of accidents, and it does not have nutrients.

Question 10

If the food is not handled with safety it can cause food-born illnesses