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Humbled By Your Appreciation

You guys certainly made Mrs. McDevitt feel appreciated last week! In fact, she was overwhelmed. She has a list of thank you notes to write and has given herself a deadline to keep her on track. Then the surprise of kicking off her birthday was just too much fun! Thank you for your trust. When a teacher feels the trust of her students' families, it makes her work harder.
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Our Poetry Journal Returns

The poetry journal took a bit of a hiatus but it is back in book bags this weekend. The illustration above is appropriate as we celebrate Mother's Day. We will have poems for the next few weeks. The learning in Room 116 goes right up until 3:00 on Thursday, May 26.

A Beloved Grandparent

Grandparents are important people. They are crazy in love with their grandchildren, don't necessarily keep bedtimes, always have ice cream on hand and are the biggest cheerleaders around. It has been fun to have so many grandparents join in the Mystery Reader fun. Last week a beloved grandfather took his turn at being the Mystery Reader. If you have not had a turn at being the Mystery Reader and your schedule allows, contact Mrs. McDevitt and she can probably accommodate your schedule.
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Mister Matt Encourages You to Spend the Summer at the Public Library

Mister Matt made his last appearance for this school year in Community One! One of the books he brought was the Book With No Pictures. By now, Room 116 can read that book with their eyes closed. The most powerful thing you can do this summer to prevent "summer slide" is to have your child read EVERY day. It happens at Mrs. McDevitt's house so she knows it is possible! Look below for the summer events at the Pike Road Public Library. Join the library's reading book challenge to reward the summer reading you are doing at home.

Happy Mother's Day!

There is a special purse shaped book in your child's book bag that was written for mom. Some were left in cubbies on Friday so several books may make an appearance in Monday's book bag.
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Room 116 Visits C8's World Fair

Community Eight Held A World's Fair

On Thursday, we visited the World's Fair sponsored by the thinking, creating and innovating of Community Eight. We ran into a beloved big brother! Room 116 listened and participated enthusiastically at the World's Fair.
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We Are Busy With the Manufacturing of Ocean Market Products

Thanks for sending in the bubble wrap. We needed it to make some happy looking jellyfish. If you have not sent in your pennies/dimes, it is not too late. Be sure to make plans to preview Community One's Ocean Market on Thursday, May 19 from 5:30-7 (come and go style.)
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Joy of Reading

Mrs. McDevitt was working with a small group of students when the below group of students had their very own story time. Mrs. McDevitt wants her students to love reading when they leave Room 116. Unscripted moments like this melts Mrs. McDevitt's heart.
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Upcoming Events

5.12: Final book order deadline
5.13: Mrs. McDevitt is absent as she wears her mom hat and attends a field trip with C3. Mrs. Morris will be with the students all day.

5.19: A preview for families of Community 1's Ocean Market 5:30-7:00 (come and go)

5.24: A Special Snack for the parents of Room 116 @1:30 pm

5:26: Last day of school (Room 116 is not allowed to talk about this in front of Mrs. McDevitt)

A Secret Is In the Works! Don't Miss the Unveil!

Be sure to come to Room 116's family snack on Tuesday, May 24 at 1:30. Trust us, you won't want to miss it.
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A List of Websites Suggested By Mrs. McDevitt

In case you are interested in some suggested websites. Click on the box to be redirected to the website.

The PRS Calendar for 2016-17 School Year

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