Disney World-Disneyland-Orlando

May the Disney be with you! - Yoda


It all started in October 16, 1923. Where Walt Disney (wow) and Roy O. Disney (Double wow), made a company called The Walt Disney Company. It's mascot is none other than Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse is also Walt Disneys primary symbol of the company.

Fun facts

-The rides in Walt Disney (any theme park) is famous in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. including Space mountain!

-There is a music studio for Walt Disney.

-Indiana Jones is so popular!

Some of the most liked videos of the rides in Disney Land (Note: Some of these are fiction or a fan made version of a ride in disney theme parks. Your welcome.) Note: The Ghost Galaxy one is in disney but its in the halloween party.

Space Mountain POV Walt Disney World
RCT3 Indiana jones temple of the forbidden eye version 1 (recreation)
The Most Accurate RCT3 Space Mountain Disneyland 2005
Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy Disneyland RCT3

Disney is a famous place to go to!

Questions I want to say to some of the employees at Disney

1.Wheres space mountain?

2.Is there a place I can go to eat?

and 3.Is there a place to stay longer?

The end!

I hope you enjoyed!