Calorie Conclusion

Andrea Kersten


You have to use chemistry to find out how many calories you have in the item that you are eating. How to find how many calories are in the a food is that you use a calorimeter. How this works is that there is a a bowl in the machine you fill that with water and you place the food sample on the props. Then you would connect the to cord and the the props. While you are putting on the lid make sure that the the both go on in the water and not on the food.

Health risk

If you have more calories than what you need you will start to gain weigh. Risk factors to have too much calories would include weigh gain, gestational diabetes, and heart disease. Risk factors to having to much sugar is have sugar increases your blood sugary and triglycerides, which could cause heart disease. Risk factors to having to much sodium is high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, can cause kidney excrete, and can develop stomach cancer.