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A glimpse of the Good Stuff happening in our schools!

Hello MGSD Community!

We have a jam-packed newsletter for this edition! As you will see, our students are busy learning and doing such great things and we could not be more proud of them. Also, make sure to check out the district information at the bottom of the page as we have some important announcements regarding School Choice and Kindergarten Registration as we look forward to next year. As always, we welcome your feedback and thank you for your support! Happy Valentine's Day! :-)

Park View Elementary School

Park View serves approximately 595 students in grades Kindergarten through 3. They are the PVES Patriots!

Principal: Dr. Misha Rogers

Asst Principal: Ms. Hollis Baker

What's new at Park View?

Great things are happening at Park View Elementary... reading, writing, and arithmetic, of course, but a whole lot of kindness, too!

Rocky River Elementary School

Rocky River has approximately 630 Racers enrolled this year in grades Kindergarten through 3. They also house a pre-K program.

Principal: Dr. Chuck LaRusso, MGSD Principal of the Year!

Asst Principal: Ms. Lani Earnhardt, MGSD Assistant Principal of the Year!

Kinders teaching Parents!

Last week, RRES Kindergarten parents had a chance experience what a kindergarten day is like... led by Kindergarten students! The parents were guided into different classrooms where they participated in multiple literacy stations. Skills and strategies that are used at school were shared so that parents and students can practice at home as well. To top it all off, there was pizza served! What a great night for our Kinder Racers!

South Elementary School

South Elementary educates approximately 515 rising Super Stars in grades Kindergarten through 3 every day!

Principal: Dr. Mark Cottone

Asst Principal: Ms. Tammy Sharpe

We Are Family!

On Tuesday, February 6, South Stars had a family game night! Three hundred and thirty (330) people enjoyed playing board games, card games, doing STEM activities, playing basketball, bowling and much more! We also raffled off several board games for families to take home and enjoy together. Not only was this fun for the whole family, but it also gave our Stars practice taking turns, sharing, and being a team player. We feel that these skills will help set our South Stars up for success for the years to come. Thank you to everyone for coming out and making this a special night for our families and staff!

East Mooresville Intermediate School

EMIS opens its doors to about 710 Eagles in grades 4 through 6 every single day!

Principal: Ms. Meghan McGrath

Asst Principal: Ms. Tonya Mays

Learning together!

At East Mooresville Intermediate School, 4th and 5th grade students participated this past week in a seminar about “Being the One!" Students learned about working as a team, showing respect, and being a leader in their school and community. After hearing from the guest speaker and working in teams to solve problems, students set goals for themselves to continue their learning as they continue their school year. It was a great learning experience that we know will be change agent within our building!
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Mooresville Intermediate School

The teachers and staff at MIS are busy teaching 760 Bobcats in grades 4 through 6 everyday!

Principal: Ms. Tammy Russ

Asst Principal: Mr. Ryan Villiard

MIS has been going MIT to learn programming!

After an introduction to MIT's SCRATCH programming website from Ms. Thoennes, Mr. Cooley's fifth grade science classes used it to create animations that demonstrate the water cycle. They were given a very basic project with a sun, raindrop, cloud, and backdrop. Each of them made very creative explanations of the water cycle! Here are a few examples of our students' work... Make sure you when you go to the project, you click on the "See inside" box in the upper right corner so you can get a glimpse of what the students did to make the animation come to life! by "Wijaro" by "Juwegrsnipes" by "Spinners03" by "Ashtail9"

Mooresville Middle School

Housing grades 7 and 8, MMS is home to 920 Red Imps! And always remember... It's ALWAYS a great day to be a Red Imp!

Principal: Ms. Ayana Robinson

Asst Principals: Ms. Tracy Pratt-Dixon, Mr. Jay Jones, and Ms. Jennifer Marshall

MMS hosts Chinese students and teachers!

Over the past two weeks, Mooresville Middle School students and staff have enjoyed hosting 12 Chinese students, as well as their teachers. This exchange has been a great learning opportunity for both MMS students and our visitors!

Mooresville High School

As a single high school district, MHS is educating approximately 1900 Blue Devils this year!

Principal: Mr. Eric Schwarzenegger

Asst Principals: Ms. Meredith Bost, Mr. Michael Few, Ms. Tracey Waid, Ms. Yamaro Scott

Asst. Principal/Athletic Director: Mr. Kevin Wilson

MHS Biology students use creativity to learn!

A little clay, an iPad, and POOF... students can learn Biology! Students in Mr. Jordan Black's Biology class made claymation videos to demonstrate an enzyme's properties and functions. Check out the resulting videos below!
2018 - 2019 Kindergarten Registration Information

We are excited to learn about our newest students for the coming year! If you have a rising Kinder, we hope you will join us on March 7. Click the button for more information!

MGSD February Board of Education Happenings

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