Rose Gold

adventures of colored gold

what is rose gold made of?

Rose gold is made of a variety of percentages oh gold and copper and sometimes zinc can be added to give it a more yellow look.

rose gold was found?

It was not found it was made by mistake when gold and copper got added together.

how much to buy?

One gram is about 60$

An average value of rose gold necklace 14k is about $1,710.00

how is rose gold made

how is rose gold made?

rose gold is a mixture of gold and other elements.

3 physical properties

1. reddish color

2.can be bent

3. can be melted

3 chemical properties

1. can boil

2. made of gold and copper

3. conducts electricity

what is rose gold used for

rose gold is for wiring but mainly used for jewelry.

the gold used is primary made a ring or necklace.

1 interesting fact about rose gold

you must clean rose gold a specific way or it could ruin the color and texture.
Rose gold plating kit - brush plating method