Informational training to Iran

The religion of Iran

Soldiers you are going to be deployed into Iran. Here are a few things you must need to know while you are there. The first thing you need to know is that there religion percentages very differently Persian 61%, Azeri 16%, Kurd 10%, Lur 6%, Baloch 2%, Arab 2%, Turkmen and Turkic tribes 2%, other 1%.
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The war between the U.S. and Iran

As you can see that you need to keep that in mind as you are there. The United States and Iran have been hatred enemies for thirty five years.

The struggle of people and markets

The market prices have made life hard and most of the Iranians have stored up to years worth of rice. As market prices go up more people get desperate. Soon the will usually start to sell their organs at the age of twenty.

Irans water and drinking source

Drinking water source:


urban: 97.7% of populatio

rural: 91.7% of population total

95.9% of population

That is bad for the community and the people.