Report By: Stella Howard

There are 222 different species of owls. These species are grouped into two families. The two families are typical owls and barn owls. Owls live almost all over the world! Some owls are as small as your fist but the biggest owls can be 5 feet from wing tip to wing tip! Owls eyes can't move in their sockets so they have to turn their whole head, but most of us already know that but did you know one of the owls ears is higher than the other so they can tell where the sound is coming from?

Owls have special talons, unlike other birds who have three toes in the front and one in the back the owl has two in the front and two in the back for better grip. An owls legs are covered with feathers that help them fly silently to their prey. Barn owls help farmers by eating rodents like mice and rats (an owls food is called prey). To sum it up the owl gets a home with plenty to eat and the farmer gets a rodent free, mouse free, rat free, farm and a cool looking barn owl. So it all works for everyone!

I like owls and I think they are cool to hang around.