Pennsylvania Colonization

Who found Pennsylvania Colony?

It was found in English North America by a man named William Penn.He named it Pennsylvania because of his last name is Penn and added Sylvania because it mean "Penn's wood".

What region was Pennsylvania Colony in?

It was in the northeastern

What year was Pennsylvania founded?/Reason founded

It was founded in 1682 by a man William Penn he was exploring because he was trying to find land for a debt he owed,and h wanted to have a free relgion counrty

What were Pennsylvania economic resources?

They were coal and iron ore,and Pennsylvania was more a food available resource because of all the crops they grew.Pennsylvania was known because of many crops they grew.

What was Pennsylvania geography and climate

  1. It was pretty warm .The Pennsylvania geography is The Appalachian Mountains. Pennsylvania is mostly covered with mountains and the other is forest.The climate was good for farming.