Paper vs. Plastic

By: Madison Donahue


Has someone ever asked you paper or plastic? Imagine your parents telling you that you are going to the beach that you have not been to in forever. You get there you want to go for a walk , so you ask your parents if you can go for a walk. They say yes. When you get there your walking along the beach , and then you see plastic bags, and dead animals every where. You have to jump over all of the dead animals on the beach. All you can think is what we're to happen if we just would use plastic bags.
Paper takes less time to decompose then plastic. Sometimes plastic bags do not decompose at all , and end up clogging land fills. ( "Paper or Plastic"? Apr 21,2008) Some plastic bags that do decompose can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. (" A Battle Over Bags" Bubur Joe Apr.2014) One type of plastic bags that are not decomposable are the ones that are made from petroleum. So paper bags are decomposable , and some kinds of plastic bags are decomposable but most aren't. I don't know about you , but I do not want plastic bags fly every where.
Plastic bags are made from 12 million containers of oil. That is a lot of oil , and that can be very dangerous for animals. Thousands of marine animals die a year from these plastic bags. Did you know that plastic bags use five of the six most toxic chemicals a year? Theses toxic oily bags end up in oceans , and end up killing marine animals. Do you really want to be the person who lets all of these animals die. ( "Paper or Plastic?" Apr 21,2008)
Paper bags can be recycled, and some plastic bags can be recycled. Even if we do recycle them it is a ton of money to melt them. Do you really want to be spending all of this money when you could just use paper bags. If we just used paper bags it would save us some money. ("Paper or Plastic?" Apr 21,2008)
Some people complain because paper bags rip , and weigh more then plastic bags. A amount of paper bags weigh more than 127kg. If you weighed the same number of plastic bags it it would weigh 13.6kg , but if you really think of it we use way more plastic bags then paper. We use one-hundred billion plastic bags a year ,mso it would probably be the same amount if we were to weigh the amount of paper bags to plastic bags that we use. ("Paper or Plastic ?" Apr 21, 2008)
Do you really want to have are world turn into this world that is filled with garbage every where , and kill the lives of beautiful animals. Paper has so many things that would make are world a better place including that paper bags take less time to decompose,paper is recylcable , and it is very earth friendly. If your supermarket that you shop at gives you the chance to use paper bags over plastic bags please do. You would save lives of so many animals. Plus do you really want to have a toxic bags in your house.


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