Survival Guide Topics 1914-1918

Jonathan Jones

New weapons/technology of WWI


The weapons of world war one consisted of airplanes, poison gas, tanks, machine guns, and submarines. All of these new weapononised technology were devastating on the casualties in the war. They increased the casualty toll of the war and left survivors mangled and fatally wounded.

Airplanes: They were used for spy work and bomb carrying.

Poison Gas: The gas was used first by the french to stop the german advance by incapacitating them rather than killing them.

Tanks: The firs tank was used at the battle of Somma.

Machine guns: The machine gun was by far one of the most deadly new weapon to be introduced to war time. It poduced the most death toll than any weapon in world war one.

Submarines: The submarine was first used by the Japanese and th Russians. They were called “submarine torpedo boats” which pathed a path for the first submarine.

Trench Warfare & No Mans Land

In World War I, no man's land was often ranged from several hundred yards to in some cases less than 10 yards. Heavily defended by machine guns, mortars, artillery and riflemen on both sides, it was often riddled with barbed wire and rudimentary improvised land mines, as well as corpses and wounded soldiers who were not able to make it across the sea of explosions and fire. Trenchs consisted of close combat and poison gas.

War Propaganda

The propaganda was used many times to disgrase the enemy's name to aid them selfs with supporters. They appered as protraying horrible acts of cruelty against people in which were settled there. The Germans were protrayed as almost the devil himself. The below image is one printed by the british to display germany as the enemy.

War Heroes

When soldiers first returned from the front, they were greeted with a hero's welcome. Parades and flag-waving were the order of the day.

However, most soldiers only received a few weeks wages after they came back from war, and many struggled to re-adapt to normal life.

As well as their small cash payment, British soldiers would have received a set of civilian clothes and a couple of medals. They were then expected to get back to their pre-war routines.

Needless to say, this was almost impossible.

Medals of World War One

Medals were awarded for prestigious actions in batle which included the saving of another soldier by putting yourself in harms way would get you awarded the Purple Heart. There were also medals awarded to all the soldiers that helped in the war that had returned home.