A Monster Holiday

By: Harveen Johal

How Halloween started

Halloween started from a boy who went door to door looking for candy. Later on more and more people started to do the same thing. After a year or so, people started to call it Halloween. People Tricked or Treated that means either you trick people who come door to door or you treat that means you go door to door looking for candy.

Trick or Treat

Something most children or even adults go is trick or treat. 50% of the world goes trick or treating. Trick or treating is what children like to do to get candy or just for fun.


If you don't like to trick or treat then you can scare people by decorating your house very scary. This is important because Halloween is a scary holiday and if none of the houses were scary then Halloween is not fun.


There is one thing left, costumes. Halloween is a very scary day and if no one dresses up then it's not as scary. You can buy costumes from Walmart, Costco, etc. Costumes are fun and exciting to wear.