My New Knowledge

3 Things I Have Learned

What each of the Tiers of Vocabulary are... Tier 1: Words acquired through every day speech, usually learned in the early grades. Tier 2: Academic words that appear across all types of text. These are often precise words that are used by the author in place of common words. (i.e. gallop instead of run). They change meaning with use. Tier 3: Domain specific words" that are specifically tied to content. (i.e. Constitution, lava) These are typically the types of vocabulary words that are included in glossaries, highlighted in textbooks and address by teachers. They are considered difficult words important to understanding content.
How to teach Tier words... All Tier 2 words are not equally important.
How to enhance reading comprehension... Using question/ answer and knowing how and when to extend the knowledge and learning of my students.

Guiding Instruction

I really think that I am going to guide my instruction by asking questions that require students to elaborate. Asking questions like "Why?" and "How?" will help with the students learning. When teaching math, I will incorporate how a student got the answer, not just expressing the answer. Extending the relationship of the answer and how they know it will help with the comprehension of a concept, not only in math. Using vocabulary from each of the Tiers will help with student understanding and comprehension. Using words that will guide them in the direction to be successful and more understanding.

Tier 2 Words

I want to use words that my students will understand.