The Three Pigs,Are They Really Pigs

By Matilda

Once upon a time there lived three little cute and adorable pigs but they were hiding something. They may look like your average pigs but are they really pigs?

Early one morning their mother said to them, “My darlings, you are getting too old to stay at home, you need to build your own houses.”

“Yes,” said the pigs to their mother.

Off they went. The first pig made his house out of plastic and put lots of chairs. While he was sitting in one of the chairs he heard a voice. Who is it? He looked outside of the cracking window. “Who is it?” said the little pig.

“It is me,” said the Woof while knocking one the door. The little pig went outside to see who it was and before you know he gobbled the wolf up. The pig [ or now should i call him the Demon] lived happily in his house at least for now.............

The second demon made his house out of glass and he took forever because he kept dropping the glass. Finally he finished .The Wolf came and blew on his house and it smashed on the demon. He got really angry and he said, “You meanie I took forever making that.”

The demon grew to a giant demon and picked up the wolf and threw him in the forest.

The third pig made his house out of bricks. All of the demons came for lunch. I know what they are having. Finally the wolf came and climbed in the chimney and fell in the large black pot and the demon bite him and he died.

Now for the hunters to kill the demons. They made their plan. They went to the demon’s house. First they took some chocolate and gave it to the demon and after he sliced his head off. Second he gave the demon some poisonous apples and to make sure he was dead and he chopped him in half. Thirdly he got a gun and shot him until he fell down. To make sure he was dead he stabbed him and they lived happily ever after.