On a mission...

to instill a collaborative learning environment

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Where quality tools and quality data drives continuous improvement for all students

I think that Istation is just the ticket we need to empower our early readers with GREATNESS! It not only identifies students potentially at risk for reading failure, but it would compliment DRA2 since it provides teachers with skill specific lessons and instructional suppport to meet learning objectives.

Features that made me go weak in the knees...

  • Priority Reports for Critical Intervention-This highlighted area identifies students requiring high-level needs of intervention. Can I get a HALLELUJAH!!!
  • RTI Tier Distribution-IT GROUPS STUDENTS TOGETHER ACCORDING TO NEED and provides instructional goals specific to each tier! Teachers can build additional small groups to provide a different and NECESSARY level of intervention. I had to pinch myself when I discovered this :)
  • Embedded links to teacher-directed lessons for goal-specific skills
  • On-Demand Assessments-These give teachers the option to test on a specific reading area, such as phonics, comprehension, and vocabulary, AND....can I get a drumroll please...it will adjust student learning paths!!!!!
  • Monthly Reports to communicate student progress as well as to make adjustments to tier placement and level of instruction
  • Interactive Tools that provide systematic, explicit instruction in areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. THANK YOU, ISTATION!
  • Teacher Resource Lessons-This section provides scripted lesson plans to help differentiate instruction.
  • Reading Level Correlation Chart to bridge students ISIP score with DRA2 and Fountas & Pinnell Leveling system. YOU THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING, ISTATION!

Student performance determines placement in the instructional plan!

I would use istation data to:

  • establish individual and class SMART goals that provide focus for class instruction
  • evaluate progress toward goals via student data folders
  • measure student progress by incorporating results into graphs and organizing them on a data wall that would communicate a classroom environment where the focus is on evidence of learning.
  • facilitate class data discussions where students take ownership of their learning targets by updating results and celebrating goal attainment.
  • provide documentation of student progress that accurately supports a necessary referral to the SST process
  • create learning targets for word work within the daily skills block

Creating a Classroom Learning Community

Thank you so much for utilizing me to review Istation data! It not only validated that the feedback I provide for my students is nudging them in the right direction, but it also provided an opportunity for my own continuous improvement in the form of an idea I have been kicking around about creating a data wall with a focus on student goal setting that leads to success. I can't expect to empower greatness in my students if I am not motivated to the buy-in of making my tomorrow better than today--Thank you, for 'Fewell-ing" me with ideas for improvement :)