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Hello August!

We hope to provide opportunities for self-care and inner reflection throughout the summer in this bi-weekly newsletter.

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The Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Podcast

Episode 14 | Liz Stanley by The Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Podcast

It's not easy to deal with painful emotions head-on. But it's a key to good health and well-being physically, mentally, and spiritually. If we don’t deal with pain when it occurs, it will resurface as compounded emotional toxicity later on.

Figure 8 Breath
Teachers across the country are being asked to adopt innovative practices and thoughtful solutions to the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. In the face of this collective trauma, teachers are standing up to the disruptions and challenges and navigating this new terrain, as they work to take care of themselves and their families, and maintain connections with students and colleagues. This handout includes a self-care self-assessment with key strategies for fostering resilience and a self-care planning tool to assist educators in identifying areas of strength and growth related to self-care and developing self-care plans.
Bus Stop Disco Surprise! | SoulPancake Street Team
CASEL Weekly Webinars

As part of CASEL CARES initiative, they are offering free webinars every Friday to address how SEL can be most helpful in response to today’s circumstances.

Interventions to consider for reentry

This comprehensive article helps you to better understand the scope of impact a pandemic will have on educational communities. The research provides interventions to consider for your first days back together, whatever that may look like, and what aspects of education not to jump into immediately. An essential read!

The Muppets Check-in for all ages!