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Empire State Building

This 103 story sky scraper located in Midtown, Manhatten, New York City. It stood has the world's tallest building for 40 years. Its name derived from the nickname of New York. It was very important to America, being the tallest building in the world.


This is the first appearance made by the new musical genre,Jazz. Jazz is played in clubs, and there are many artists in the 1920s creating new jazz music. The 1920s were known as "The Jazz Age".

Rosewood Massacre

The Rosewood Massacre happened in Levy County, Florida, in the United States. This massacre was caused from racism. 6 blacks and 2 whites were killed.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey mouse was created by Walt Disney in 1928. He was first seen in "Plane Crazy" with Oswald the Rabbit, another creation of Walt Disney.

Warren Harding

Warren Harding is the 29th president of the United States of America. He is a republican from Ohio who served as a Ohio Senator. His real name is Warren Gamaliel Harding. He protects alcohol interest and women's suffrage.

Ship Wreck Kelly

John Simms Kelly is his real name. He is a professional American Football player who played halfback in the NFL. Many think of him as the "Babe Ruth" of football. He received his nickname from wrecking through the defensive line.