The Holocaust was a bad time in 1933. There were teens who fought in the war and I'm going to tell you about one.

Holocaust News

Selim Sznycer

Selims life

Selim was born and raised in Raciaz, Poland. He was born in June 29, 1925 and died in September 9, 2013. When he entered WW II when he was 14. Now I'm going to tell you what he did in the war.

If I die I'll take some germans with me

Selim Sznycer

When Selim entered the war he was cautious and slept with a kitchen knife by his side. One night he was awoken by gunshots. When he went out side it was two Germans with machine guns hidden in the grass and he ran and jumped a fence nearby. He has also blown up trains full of Nazis. The partisan group he was in, took down telephone polls and took down a Nazi factory full of ammunition and tanks. This is what Selim Sznycer's life was like during the Holocaust.