District 230 COVID Dashboard

August 23, 2021

As District 230 implements its three key priorities for the full reopening of school in the 2021-22 school year, a keen focus on community and on-campus COVID-19 metrics is at the forefront. In order to accomplish these goals, we know that a community effort will be necessary. And we are confident that our students, families, and staff are up to the challenge of maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment.

Our top priorities in the Reopening Plan are:

  1. 100% onsite attendance - 100% of the school year - 100% on the regular schedule
  2. No interruptions to learning due to illness or quarantine
  3. Maintain local control by following mitigations and keeping local metrics inline

7 Key Metrics

To achieve these goals, District 230 will focus on 7 key metrics. The first three (on slide 1) are related to the District 230 community as a whole. The final four (on slide 2) are related to metrics on our campuses.

The first slide of the D230 Dashboard includes this information.

  • Metric 1: District 230 Community Positivity Rate. Based on Northwestern University's dashboard for IDPH data, this percentage includes the primary zip codes that feed into our schools.
  • Metric 2: District 230 Community Positive Cases (per 100,000/7days). Also based on Northwestern University's dashboard for IDPH data, this tracks the number of positive cases within those zip codes.
  • Metric 3: District 230 Community Vaccination Rate: Based on the Cook County Department of Public Health vaccination dashboard for our community.
  • D230 Reopening Plan Mitigations Status: Based on metrics and color levels established by CDC, the D230 Reopening Plan includes these levels of mitigations.

    Blue = Low Transmission
    Yellow = Moderate Transmission
    Orange/Red - Substantial/High Transmission (District 230 has combined the CDC Orange and Red into one level)

    District 230's corresponding mitigations can be found in the Reopening Plan at d230.org/reopen

    A preponderance of the 7 metrics will determine the level of mitigations in place.

The second slide of the D230 Dashboard highlights on-campus metrics.

  • Metric 4: Positive Cases On-Campus: This includes students and staff who have been on-campus and report a positive test result.
  • Metric 5: Close Contact On-Campus: This includes close contacts on campus as defined by IDPH:
    - An individual who was within 3 to 6-feet of a positive case for more than 15 minutes within a 24 hour period if unvaccinated without a mask or
    - An individual who was within 3 feet of a positive case for more than 15 minutes within a 24 hour period if unvaccinated with or without a mask.
  • Metric 6: D230 Vaccination Rate for Students &
    Metric 7: D230 Vaccination Rate for Staff:
    This includes those students and staff who have voluntarily uploaded their vaccination records to District 230. We anticipate that the number of fully vaccinated is higher than what is reported here as families and staff make the personal decision to upload their card or not.

    To upload a vaccination card:
    Students/Families: Log into Skyward Family Access, Click Online Forms, Upload a picture of the vaccine card.

    Staff: Go to https://bit.ly/D230StaffUpload , Upload a picture of the vaccine card.


District 230 is committed to transparent communication regarding these metrics. Each Monday, the District will send the dashboard to families, students and staff. In addition to the dashboard, the communication will include any updates related to a change in mitigations or other important information. To allow schools time to implement logistical changes in mitigations, the change will be announced on a Monday and will go into effect the following Monday.

This weekly communication will take the place of the school-wide emails sent last year for each positive case. The schools will continue to communicate directly with those who are determined to be a close contact.

The Dashboard will also be posted to the District's Reopening website at d230.org/reopen.

Committed to Keeping Students & Staff in School Safely

District 230 is committed to keeping students and staff in school safely. We know that the best learning takes place when students and staff are together in the classroom, in sports and co-curriculars, and while engaged in all of the events that make high school fun and meaningful. To do this, the district has put into place a number of voluntary opportunities to help students and staff remain on campus including vaccination clinics and Binax testing.

Vaccination Clinics

Each of our schools has hosted and will continue to host vaccination clinics on campus. Families and staff who choose can get the COVID-19 vaccine on campus through our partnership with Osco Pharmacies. In addition to COVID-19 vaccines, meningitis and flu vaccines will be available. Look for details from your school about when these will be held as well as the paperwork to complete.

Once fully vaccinated for COVID-19, families and staff can choose to upload their vaccination cards to assist with contact tracing and reduce the need to quarantine.

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Binax Testing for Close Contacts on Campus

Through the Stay to Learn COVID-19 Binax Testing program, students and staff who are determined to be a close contact while on campus can voluntarily take part. This program allows a health professional at school to conduct the Binax nasal swab test on days 1, 3, 5 and 7 after an individual is determined to be a close contact on campus. If the test result is negative, the student or staff member can remain on campus.
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