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Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC

Strategic Visionary, Integrative Leadership Coach, Consultant, Facilitator & Artist
Each season I provide inspiring nuggets of wisdom through my newsletter and invitations to upcoming events (see below). I hope these seasonal teachings help you see your world in a new way. My posts are inspired by my personal and professional experiences and various indigenous practices. One of which is the Five Elements philosophy of Wu Xing (wŭ ching) which highlights unique nature-based ways to understand and process change, and problem-solve. Find this newsletter useful? Be the gift that keeps giving, click above to share it with a friend! Enjoy!

SPRING : A Time to Explore Creativity

  • Happy spring friends!! I do enjoy all seasons but especially love spring because what was dormant during winter comes to life. Animated by bursts of color and small movements, we all observe spring emerging a little more each day.

  • Another way to experience the gift of spring is to explore the season as a metaphor which can effect your internal environment too. According to Eastern traditions there are 5 seasons, each represented by an element, color and emotional characteristics. Here's a simplified explanation.
    • Winter : Water : Blue : Stillness : Fear
    • Spring : Wood : Green : Creativity : Anger
    • Summer : Fire : Red : Connectivity : Joy
    • Late Summer : Earth : Yellow : Integrity : Sympathy
    • Autumn : Metal : White : Acknowledgement : Grief

    Spring is related to the WOOD element which represents the emotion of anger and informs a sense of renewal, forgiveness, vision, organizing, creativity and hope. Through the season of spring, we are reminded to think and act in a decisive upward and outward movement. When we do this we embrace our commitment to move forward. And ironically, sometimes we need an emotional force, like anger to fuel growth and momentum.

    Let's be honest, we like to move forward and do so FAST!
    Get it done and get it over with, whatever it is. Being intentional and methodical is not something we tend to readily embrace. It can be tedious to plan, organize or claim ownership of our commitments and power. It's sometimes much easier (and more detrimental) to let a situation push us into submission then blame it on external circumstances. I invite you to embrace a creative approach and explore the teachings of spring and its element, wood.

    Just like any natural entity, you strive to thrive. Explore in your personal and professional life what's not moving, stunted or may be ready to bloom and burst forth.


    With spring comes new life. Tiny new buds and green shoots begin to emerge and seem to announce, "I'm here and ready to grow!". We are no different, as we naturally aim ourselves towards the light, what feels good, towards improving ourselves, and gaining the most success we possibly can. Take time to examine your own sense of new beginnings this spring.

    In the spirit of spring, ask yourself…

    • What’s new in your life?
    • What needs organizing?
    • Where do you hold your ground?
    • What or who needs forgiveness at this time?
    • What are you giving birth to, literally, metaphorically, symbolically?
    • What's got you angry lately? And what might you do to creatively transform this energy into an action that produces feel-good results for you and others around you?

    * Learn more about the creative process from my post "Birth of an Idea".


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    GO FLY A KITE :: Networking in Nature
    Every 3rd Thursday from 11AM-12PM
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    Come walk with me!! Go solo or bring a friend, we'll chit-chat as a group for 10-15 min and then go on a walk-a-bout down the greenway. No stress, no fee, weather permitting, stick around for a potluck picnic, if you can. If you're not near the RTP area, make 3rd Thursdays your reminder to invite a friend or new face-- outside. Create novel, special or nostalgic ways to connect with one another. Park by the big chimney, there's a meeting space there, then we'll go to the grassy circle/ellipse. If it's pouring it's canceled. NCMA :: 2110 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607.

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