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October/November 2019

Kincaid Fire Causes School Closures

by Jonathan Vargas

On October 28th, the Kincaid fire in Geyserville was so bad that San Antonio High

School had to be closed for a week. The entire Petaluma school district was closed for a week. Saturday evening, October 26th, PG&E shut off power in certain areas in Petaluma to prevent power lines from starting more fires. They shut it off because it was really hot and windy.

Some San Antonio students helped out while school was out. During the crisis. Nathan Eddins volunteered by cooking and cleaning at the New Life Church two nights in a row. Isabella Saldana’s family ranch took in evacuated horses. Darlene Machuca helped at Iglesia Cristiana.

Earlier in the month, October 9th, PG&E shut off the power in Petaluma in the north east side including Kenilworth Junior High School. PG&E shutoff power on October 9th - 11th, Petaluma did this to prevent more wildfires. Students and teachers were affected by not having light or refrigeration for a couple days.

The Story of Plastic

by Johnny Reyes Rosales

On the screen there were piles of garbage next to the river. The woman described the horrible smell from pollution. Everyone was shocked because everyone knew it was bad but they didn't realize it was so bad. The Story of Plastic took place all over the world. The crew that filmed it got to travel the world to see the plastic waste. They went to India, China, Indonesia, and California. Tuesday, October 8, San Antonio High School took two busses to San Rafael to the Mill Valley Film Festival. The film had not yet been released on any platforms. San Antonio students were the second group to watch the film before it was released to the public. After the film a panel of people who worked on the film, including the director and producer, answered questions. Some students felt passionate about doing something to change plastic use locally. A few students said that they fell asleep during the film because it was long. It was a good film and everyone learned something new from the plastic situation in the world.

Art II

by Bryan Tinoco

On October 22, 2019, the Art II classes were doing a project where they were casting their hand and painting it. At first, they make a practice thumb where they cover their thumb in vaseline and put plaster around their thumb. After the plaster dries, they can slip it off their thumb. When they have completed the practice thumb they then go do their whole hand and do the steps again. The hand represents humanity. It was a fun project where teamwork was included as students needed to help cover each other’s hands. After all is done they get to paint it with an animal pattern. These animals have to be from a rainforest or coral reefs. These locations were picked by Ms Garcia because of what is happening with them as deforestation is taking away the forests and global warming is killing coral reefs. This was a fun project where students can be creative and paint the animals.

Senior T-shirts

by Casey Altamirano

At San Antonio this year the seniors designed senior t-shirts and they came out really nice. The two senior English classes met in Ms. Cecchini’s room and voted on the design and colors. The colors of the t-shirts are black, but the phoenix on the shirts is red and orange. Not many schools have those colors, so I think they are pretty neat and something different. We got the opportunity to make them and actually wear them with the class of 2020. Also, many students are really happy with the shirts. Some students wear them every Friday. I asked Esme Azamar, a senior, what she thought about the shirts and she said she really liked them and that they are really comfortable.

Student Profile: Troy Willis

by Alberto Gonzalez

Troy W. Willis is a San Antonio High School student with two jobs, a seasonal job at the pumpkin patch and the other at Cold Stone Creamery on South McDowell. I followed up with him during a heated basketball game during P.E. with these questions. Troy has great social skills, he never makes a conversation awkward.

Alberto : Who told you about the pumpkin patch job?

Troy : “It was Mrs. Cecchini. I heard it over the announcements and I was interested because of the pay. It’s $15 an hour for the weekends. I wrote that I was interested in all the stations. Once they saw that, they decided that they wanted me to do all the stations.”

Alberto : What did you have to do at the stations?

Troy : “I basically had to cover someone’s break. I had to be there for 30 minutes. I was also a refresher, which means that I had to go to traverse through the stations pick up trash, make the stations look nice and neat.”

Alberto : How do you feel about Cold Stone?

Troy : “It’s laid back most of the time. It can get a bit busy at times, but it’s not that overwhelming though.”

Alberto : What makes you like this job?

Troy : “I just like how well I know it, experience, it comes to command.”

Alberto : What are the benefits at Cold Stone?

Troy : “I get free ice cream and my coworkers are cool. Scheduling is very flexible, not a problem with it.”

Alberto : How does the tipping system go?

Troy : “The tips in the jar go to that workers working to that day.

Register tips go to everyone on the payroll and whoever works the most hours for the two weeks gets the most of the tips.”

Alberto : What is you favorite flavor of ice cream?

Troy: Sweet Cream.

The Miracle League

by Alberto Gonzalez

This past September, Angelina Lopez and I went to this organization called Miracle League. They are a group that help kids with superpowers (special needs) not feel out of place in the community. We went with the intent of just finishing up our community hours (every senior at San Antonio must complete 10 hours of community service), but we came out with many new friends. In more details, we got to have a baseball tournament with these kids. We helped them swing if they needed the help, which most of them had such a swing. We were paired with our first buddy which was Gemma a cute 12 year old girl. We enjoyed helping this girl and had fun contributing to our community.

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