The Hawaiian Adventure

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Alaska Airlines: $1,983.00
Delta Airlines: $3,282.25
American Airlines: $2,343.00

Activities and Costs

Small group Maui tour: Haleakala National Park, Lavender Farm and Wine Tasting: $239.49
Maui Atlantis Submarine Adventure: $123.99
Maui Parasailing Experience: $37.51
Maui Horseback-Riding Tour with Optional BBQ Lunch: $114.49


Kimo's: $25 and up, Seafood and steak
Kula Lodge Restaurant: $25 and up, American and pizza
Sarento's on the Beach: $35 and up, Mediterranean Rim

Travel Agent Contact Info

Lauren Adams

Coral Reef

Stretching for more than 1200 miles (2000 km) in the Central Pacific, Hawaiian coral reefs account for about 85 percent of all coral reefs in the United States. Because it is under water and not visible, the importance of the reef remains largely hidden – including its importance not only to the ocean environment and its inhabitants, but also to humans. About one-fourth of the plants, fish, and invertebrates found in the Hawaiian coral reef are endemic to Hawaii, meaning that they can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. In the past, reef fish provided Hawaiians with the majority of their protein. And, of course, reef fish continue to be a dietary staple for many people inhabiting and visiting Hawaii.