Why fix, what isn't broken?

Censorship, a loss to the youth of our generation?

We have a right to know.

Is the removal of graphic content worth losing the importance of a story/issue? Definitely not! When the media becomes censored, the opinions and voices of Aurthors, Reporters and Broadcasters in particular become silenced, which leads to bias and can strecth the story or issue. We cannot take away educational and inspirational resources from our generation, we have a right to know.

Positives and Negatives

The debate over censorship can go on forever. Yes censoring media in general promotes a more suitable atmoshpere for the audience, and it does prevent youth from being exposed to the 'real world'. But from censorship, people are unable to express their opinion, which may create bias amongst the audience. so why stretch the story? We have a right to know about our evloving world , being able to watch, read and listen to what we desire is freedom, lets set us free, censorship... No more!