The meaning of perservence

By: Kyle Luo

What is perservence?

Most people want to know what perseverance means and it is something you will need in life. It simply means to keep doing what you love or want to do despite having adversities or burdens. This newsletter is simply to tell all that and examples and stories about people who have experienced adversities in life and most of these stories have people who were strong and brave to stand up for to their adversity and got inspired.

Losing to win- the story of the lady jags- Problem and solution

If you ever heard of Carroll academy then you might know who the lady jags are. Carroll academy is a school ran by the juvenile court and is a school designed to teach troubled kids a lesson and change them from inadequate kids to better ones. The lady jags are the school's Basketball team and have never won a game since 2005. Yet, the coaches of the team don't aim to win they aim to use basketball to teach the kids an important lesson in perseverance. Most of the players on the team have troubled pasts and are students at Carroll academy and most of them never played Basketball before. Most of the girls have had contact with abuse, drugs, violence etc. And they play basketball to show perseverance and to help the girls. In the end, the girls have not won all season, but they are still proud of themselves, because they have lost, yet, still achieved victory at the same time. And most of the girls now know what perseverance is and some of the girls have left Carroll academy thanks to the strong efforts of playing basketball, and they have left to a normal high school. Today, the lady jags hold a strong mark on Carroll academy and on the players themselves too.

Nepal earthquake- Perservence in the darkest time- Description

In the regular town of Nepal, a mom and her son are in their car, driving to a pizza place, when disaster strikes. An earthquake comes and is about to wipe out anything it passes. And the mom drives fast to her house. Her husband is currently on a business trip, and it was the largest earthquake they had ever experienced. When they reached their home, they began gathering their emergency kit and their passports and towards town. When they reach the town they find people helping one another during a dark time. And most importantly the people of Nepal always help each other when people need it and don't care if they know that person or not, they just want to help. The people of Nepal showed bravery, honesty and perseverance and would not yield. Went through one of their toughest moments of their lives, together.

A carp gives a lesson in perservence- description

In Japan, there was a boy named rosetsu who went to a painting school and would later become the best of the students at the painting school. However he was off to a bad start, because he was one of the few at the school who did not succeed in art. And most of the students at the school had already graduated and went off to become great painters, but rosetsu was the only one in the school who did not graduate. He left the school feeling depressed and on his way home he hears a Carp trying hard enough to get food. Rosetsu watched as the fish tried and tried to get the food until it finally succeeded yet, when it did it was bruised and bleeding. That single moment, inspired Rosetsu to never stop giving up on his dreams. Soon he was like the other students, he graduated and went on to become a successful and great painter and got over his adversity.

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The Giver- Cause and effect

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Sherlock Holmes- sequence

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We can learn from others by thinking them as a role model and somebody who had been there before like the situation that we are in. And we should always think that when we have adversity we are not the only ones and there are more people like us who deal with the same things we face. And more people should believe that they can overcome their adversity and believe it.