Entertainer Of The Year!


My Purpose!

I chose this writing pro. because it descirbes me as a person. The Entertainer of the Year. It will benefit in becoming the man that I inspire to be in the future or right now!

Persuasive Essay

My essay is form the award everybody that isn't me shouldn't have.

6 Word Memoir

1. Strong

2. Tall

3. Proud

4. Happy

5. Loving

6. Respectful


I am like a rose becasue I am dnagerous & I am like a dasiy becasue I am harmless!

Fav. Quote/Response

"Good things come to those who wait"

-America Proverb

About Me

I am a man of many talnets and a man of few words, so if you see in the stree man you don't me!

Lauren London

My Bigggest Fan!