The Three Blind Mice

Kasey Meares

The Three Blind Mice where out on the town one day when one decided to steal from a local store. Fortunately he was caught and was put under Arrest. "Oh no, we don't have money for the bail," said the two other mice "what will we do?" "He'll have to stay locked up until the Judge figures something out." one said. "Is the crime a felony or a misdemeanor?" one said. "Most likely it'll be a misdemeanor." said the other. "Who will decide if he pulls time?" the other said. "The Grand Jury, or maybe a petit jury, or a group of random people, will decide the verdict. See, what'll happen is the defendant, or the one busted, will go before the judge, along with their Public Defender, who helps state their case, and state their case. The judge will bring in the witness, either willingly or by subpoena, an order to appear in court. If they fail to tell the truth they will be convicted of perjury. The jury will decide whether he is acquitted or convicted and the possible indictment, or charge. It's possible for a plea bargain, or where the defendant and the one pressing charges come to an agreement. If convicted, another separate jury will get together to decide a prosecution for the defendant. If the court he's at can't handle the case it can be appealed, or sent, to a higher court." "I hope everything goes well" said the one listening about the process.