The Man Who Walked Between Towers

By: Khari Davis

The Caldecott Award

The Caldecott Award is awarded to the most distinguished children's picture book. This award is awarded ever year. To win the book has to meet these goals: The book has to be artistic, the have to interpret the story, the charaters must be in a happy mood and it must be age appropiate.

The Man Who Walked Between The Towers

The man who walked between the towers is about a man who liked to walk on tight ropes. When the twin towers were being built he went in disguised as a worker and went to the top of the building. Then he built a line all the way across the towers and at noon he walked the twin towers and made it across.

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Won in 2004

Mordicai Gerstein Author & Illustrator

Mordicai Gerstein

Mordicai Gerstien loved to make cartoons and to watch them. He also made fimls by himself. He dreamed of being an author but, his parents wanted him to be an artist. He disgned and directed animated cartoons. His first book he ever wrote was about a duck.

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Why did Mordicai Gerstein write this book?

Mordicai Gerstein wrote this book to inform people about a realistic event in history. He also wrote The Man Who Walked Between The Towers to entertain people about a man who walked between two vast towers.

Why Did This Book Win the Caldecott?

This book won the Caldecott because the words explain what the moral is but, the pictures explain the whole book. The book's pictures are very age apporpiate and colorful.

Man On Wire

Comparing to " So You Want To Be President"

"The Man Who Walked Between The Towers" is different from "So You Want to Be President" because the pictures in So You Want To Be President are very funny, have historical people and are very detailed. The pictures in "The Man Who Walked Between The Towers" is very realistic and serious.