Northeast Middle Newsletter

The Core

Upon taking a teambuilding trip to Charlotte’s White Water Center, Northeast Middle school staff (and students) are off to a great school year. Teachers are collaborating and analyzing test results to drive instruction as well as modelling desired behaviors for students. Students are learning school wide and classroom procedures that will aid in growth and academic excellence. “All the kids are doing a wonderful job with their self-selected reading and the literacy is going great” said 8th grade ELA teacher Mr. Blair.

In classrooms teachers are using a variety of strategies including hands on activities, cooperative learning, and others. NEMS is striving for excellence in preparing students for the 21st century.


The fall sports season has begun at Northeast Middle school which include girls and boys soccer, girls and boys volleyball , and football. Coaches have a positive outlook on the season, as they continue to teach players fundamentals and motivate them to do their best. “We hold our players to a very high standard and expect them to excel l in the classroom as well as their sport” said coach Teague, volleyball coach for both girls and boys teams. NEMS is looking forward to an exciting fall season.

Quote of the Month

Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.

George Evans


Make over coming!

Serveral classrooms at Northeast Middle School will receive a makeover. Projectors will be installed. These projectors are capable of smart board technology and will enable teachers to utilize the use of technology in the classroom. J